You by Caroline Kepnes

youI’d heard a lot about You before reading from my coworkers, but I hadn’t heard of it anywhere else.  To my slight surprise, my boyfriend also read it.  This was a slight surprise to me because it’s not his kind of book.  He reads a ton, so I’m pretty sure it showed up on the “popular reads” section of his Kindle.  I still read real books so I’m not sure if that’s actually what it’s called, but whatever.  You seems to be a pretty popular book!  I’m surprised I hadn’t heard about it before my coworkers read it like I had with The Girl on the Train or Gone Girl, since they are all of a similar genre.  Even a stranger commented on You while I was reading it while walking one day.  She said, “OMG that book is so creepy!” while passing me in the opposite direction.  I was surprised that it would elicit such a reaction from someone!

You follows a young (mid-20’s I believe) guy, Joe, who becomes obsessed with a girl named Beck.  The book is from Joe’s perspective and let’s just say it involves a lot of creepiness, stalking, and even murder.  Being a bit of a true-crime freak, I didn’t necessarily find this book creepy enough to comment to stranger, but it was unnerving.  I guess I read and watch too much true crime and Law & Order type stuff.  Anyway, the main character, Joe, is a hardcore creep and I think anyone who has read this book, true crime aficionado or not, can agree on that.  Because it was written from his perspective, I feel like it offers a unique look into his mind.  I can’t figure out if I felt like this made it less creepy or more creepy.  I really enjoyed You and had a hard time putting it down.  It’s pretty easy to give some spoilers for this book, so I will keep it short.  You kept me on my toes and I really liked reading it.  It’s an interesting book and will easily capture and keep your interest until the end.  I believe there is a sequel that I’m looking forward to reading, too!


4 Responses to You by Caroline Kepnes

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