World War Z by Max Brooks

World_War_Z_book_coverWord War Z is another book where I accidentally watched the movie first.  I’m not sure if I knew when I decided to watch it that it had been a book first (although at this point, what movie wasn’t a book first?).  I quite enjoyed the movie and set out to read the book…eventually (this “setting out” took three years, but I got to it!).

As I said, I really enjoyed the World War Z movie.  The book I enjoyed too, but it was very different.  It is an “oral history” of the Zombie War.  I thought this was an interesting concept, but when I was reading, I ended up having mixed feelings about this format.  It’s basically a compilation of anecdotes and stories of people who survived and were involved with the Zombie War.  I thought the stories were interesting, but I felt they were too short and didn’t really allow for much story or character development.  I really wanted to know more.  A part of the story would get really good and then it would just kind of stop without any continuation.  Or, since it was it was in an interview format, I felt like it didn’t give as much description as it would have had it been written like a typical novel.  I wanted to learn more about the characters and their experiences before quickly moving on to the next character and experience.  Maybe it’s just writing style preference showing through, but World War Z really left me feeling as though the stories were incomplete. I wanted more info on how the zombies started and what peoples’ experiences were during the war and I didn’t feel like I got a full picture of that with the anecdotes and interview format.  That said, I appreciated that the author was doing something a little different.  It was just so interesting that I wanted more! I almost feel like each persons’ story could have been an entire book itself.

Overall, I thought World War Z was an interesting read, but it left me feeling incomplete and unsatisfied.  I can’t tell if that’s a good or a bad thing because I enjoyed the snippets so much that I want more, but I know there’s not going to be more.  I’m torn on this one.  I must say that the movie was very good, so I’d definitely recommend that.  It follows the more traditional format of focusing on one or two characters throughout their Zombie War experience.

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